We are currently seeing patients for emergencies only. Please contact us so we can assess your specific situation.

Chestermere Dental Services

We believe that everyone deserves to avail of dental procedures and treatments that are most suited to their dental concerns and issues, which is why we offer a wide variety of Chestermere dental services for people of all ages. From regular dental services in Chestermere (ex. routine prophylaxis) to specialized Chestermere dental services (ex. cosmetic dentistry), there is something for every person in your family to avail at any given time.

We offer both regular and routine dental services in Chestermere as well as specialized treatments and solutions to address serious conditions of the tooth, jaw, and mouth. Our professional dental team is well-equipped to handle any case and have had extensive experience in all of the dental procedures and treatments that we currently offer.

Our Chestermere dental services are performed by caring dental professionals who will always have your health as first priority. Whether you are preparing your toddler for his first dental checkup or readying your elderly grandmother for a tooth replacement procedure, you can trust that our professionals will know what to do and how to best address your concern.

Having said all of these, there’s really no reason to delay your much-needed dental appointment in Chestermere. Doing so will only prolong and worsen the problem. In the field of dentistry, we believe that prevention is better than cure – but in cases wherein the problem is quite extensive, you can definitely trust us to handle it with utmost care and professionalism.

Now it’s time to begin the dental habit of a lifetime by forming a relationship with a dental practitioner from our roster. Browse through our range of dental procedures and treatments to find those that match your concern and give us a call today so we can schedule your appointment with one of our dental professionals!

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Have questions or want to schedule an appointment?
Have questions or want to schedule an appointment?
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Dear Patients,

We are pleased to WELCOME YOU BACK! We are practicing SAFE DENTISTRY!

Rest assured that we have taken steps above what was required. After all, your health is our highest priority. We are finally OPEN and look forward to seeing you again soon!


  • When we speak with you regarding your appointment, we will be asking you additional screening questions. Patients who exhibit any symptoms will need to postpone their treatment.
  • When you arrive to your appointment, please wait in your car until your appointment time and bring as little as possible into the office with you.
  • If you have a mask or face covering, we encourage you to wear one to your appointment.
  • We will ask that you sanitize/wash your hands with soap and water upon entering the office and before leaving.
  • There will be a consent form for patients to sign upon arrival and we want you to know that the guidelines in place currently have staff member signing off on a daily consent that ensures they are ready and prepared to provide treatment in the safest possible way.

We want to assure everyone that our office takes the safety and health of our patients, their families, team members and doctors very seriously. Although our operations will be slightly different today than they were previously, we are excited to finally welcome you all back in a slow and safe manner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition to the new normal.

Your Dental Team