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Invisalign in Chestermere

Having crooked teeth can really dampen one’s confidence, not to mention subject you to a host of problems related to misaligned teeth. It’s also more difficult to clean and can eventually cause you to develop periodontal disease in later life.

Invisalign in ChestermereFeel like it’s time to do something about your crooked and misaligned teeth, but aren’t exactly enthusiastic about getting braces? The best alternative to straighter teeth is Invisalign. A teeth straightening procedure like Invisalign is decidedly more comfortable and not as unattractive like conventional braces, and here are five benefits that will surely convince you to opt for it:

  1. A more subdued appearance. Having a mouth full of metal isn’t something that you will worry about with Invisalign, because it is made of clear material that is barely noticeable. You’d have to do a double take in order to really notice if a person is undergoing teeth straightening through Invisalign.
  2. Comfortable and removable. Invisalign clear braces are much more comfortable than conventional metal braces, with the bonus that you can remove them to eat and drink. There’s no need to sacrifice certain foods or drinks for the sake of straighter teeth because you can easily take out these braces and slip them back on after a meal!
  3. Reduces teeth and gum damage. Metal braces can scrape your tooth enamel and puncture your mouth and gums – a clear disadvantage if you go for this option just to get straighter teeth. The Invisalign teeth straightening procedure feels smooth and comfortable in the mouth. There aren’t any sharp or protruding edges that can hurt you.
  4. Shorter duration. Dental patients who wear metal braces can expect to do so for about two years, depending on the amount of work needed to get straighter teeth. With the Invisalign teeth straightening procedure, you can expect good results in about a year to a year and a half. Our doctors will provide you the best options for treatment and all the details so you can make the best choice for your health.
  5. No surprises! Your plan for straighter teeth is carefully laid out before you even undergo the Invisalign teeth straightening procedure because everything is computerized. In this way, you know exactly what to expect – especially when it comes to how long it takes until you achieve the results that you want!

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