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Root Canal Treatment

In need of a root canal treatment in Chestermere? If your teeth have significant decay, are infected or even broken, you might very well be a candidate for a root canal procedure. It is a very likely that root canal treatment will help extend the life of your teeth for several more years and save them from being extracted.

A root canal treatment is almost guaranteed to leave many with feelings of unease as they imagine the procedure to leave them in great pain. However, for as long as this decayed teeth treatment is performed by a professional there is no reason to worry. The steps involved in a root canal procedure are quite simple, even if the area being accessed is on the delicate side. Our doctors make it top priority to ensure you are informed and comfortable every step of the way.

Root Canal Procedure

In a root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the infected nerve found inside your tooth and then fill out the canal with a material which will seal it off, preventing it from getting further infected. After undergoing a root canal treatment, the tooth that was saved often becomes very brittle. It can be prone to fracture, which is why the affected tooth is recommended for restoration using a crown. This is part of an overall decayed teeth treatment to again prevent the tooth from becoming further compromised. We will review your individual case and go over all details with you prior to treatment.

A root canal procedure can sometimes be complex. There are difficulties that lie with the many configurations and special conditions of each root canal of each individual tooth, which is something that your dentist will have to consider. In some cases, our doctors may recommend you see an endodontist (a root canal specialist). However, this is a procedure that will truly be for your benefit because undergoing it will save you from a lot of serious complications down the line, should you choose to forgo treating it and allow the problem to get worse.

After the Root Canal Procedure

Post-operative after a root canal you may experience some discomfort, but in most cases this is minor. After your procedure is complete, our team will review instructions for care after and if needed will prescribe antibiotics or a painkiller. In most cases, the procedure goes smoothly and nothing is needed after the appointment.

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