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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Chestermere

For many people, wisdom teeth usually pose no problems – in fact, they play a key role in keeping your teeth aligned and work hard to grind the food that you chew. However, there are some cases wherein the way they grow is not normal. Some people will require wisdom teeth removal if their growth is in a horizontal or diagonal direction, which will pose certain problems. Without wisdom tooth extraction, this uneven manner of growth will crowd the rest of your teeth and cause damage to the molars that are beside them. In many cases, a wisdom teeth removal procedure will be necessary for molars that are not fully erupted and are impacted. Since every patient is unique and individual our doctors will access your needs and give you all of your options.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom teeth removal is a fairly common procedure that will deliver a lot of relief to the person suffering from the pain of having wisdom teeth that do not grow properly (as you can experience headaches when it happens).

Before the wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to determine the actual position of the wisdom teeth. This is especially important when a wisdom tooth is impacted, as it can be hard to see how it looks underneath the gum. Once the dentist is able to fully evaluate the position of your tooth he can then proceed with determining the best wisdom teeth removal procedure to get it out. In some cases, it can be as simple as pulling the tooth out just like you would any other tooth. Others that are bigger or positioned in an angular manner might require breaking the tooth in several pieces and then taking these pieces out. Whichever method your dentist will choose for your wisdom teeth removal extraction, you can rest assured that you will have anesthesia for the procedure so you will not feel a thing!

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